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Episodes not recording in order

 See for example. What’s the point of me watching episode 5 (aired on 14th May) when episodes 1-4 don’t air until 29th May. I need to follow the story and watch them in order. Why is this happening. It’s not just this program it happens to. 

stsommers by On our wavelength
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No sound on SD

Hi all of a sudden I'm not getting any sound on any SD channel which includes the +1 selectionPictures and sound are fine on HD.I have checked the cabling and have firmly reinserted the HDMI one , and have also done a factory reset on the 360 box, bu...

ewaf88 by Tuning in
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Mini box mains power cable

I need a new mains power cable for one of our virgin media tv 360 mini boxes. I’ve requested it twice over the phone and both times been sent different cables! Struggling to find the correct one online. Can anyone help?

Installation-missing remotes

Hi Brand new to VM…not impressed so far.My original installation was delayed twice due blockages. When I received a third date it clashed with my holiday, but not wanting to miss yet another date we arranged for our daughter to be at our home. The in...

mAdMaCCa by Joining in
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Resolved! Recordings disappeared/deleted

We are on Virgin 360 and have two Virgin boxes. We have two profiles set up one for me and one for my wife. We have been away for a couple of days and she has come to watch some of the programs that she had recorded and were showing on the recordings...

paulg262 by Dialled in
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Re: Paramount+

Hi,  Can you confirm or deny that if your a Volt package customer that Paramount + will be free and included as part of your package. Reason I ask is if your a Sky Cinema package subscriber paramount + is included in that bundle. As a Volt customer w...

Pazzp77 by Joining in
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360 remote not working and keeps flashing white light

I have a new virgin 360 remote, it has stopped working, and only just flashes white. I have tried to reset it, pressing the tv button with the rewind button. Done this for 10 seconds, and have then pressed the tv button, with the 0 button but it does...

Tsimomd by Tuning in
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