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Re: Recorded programme Issue

Exact same problem.First noticed with F1 recordings. Very annoying as you see the podium as you start the programme, but it's happening with all recordings.I'm on a 360 box.You select watch from start, it starts at the end. Sometimes if you stop midw...

Cruciate by Tuning in
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Re: My new 360 Box thinks it's a Tivo

Hi we have the same problem today with a new 360 box . Everything looks like the old TiVo display. Spend 2 hours on the phone and they said it will take 5 days to fix over the internet with no engineer visit needed. I am not very hopeful after readin...

Janwoodc by Joining in
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New channel setup

The new channel setup is absolutely pathetic, were the new numbers choosen by throwing darts at a dartboard whilst blindfolded?Why is Drama inbetween the Itv channels? Why are the History channels suddenly miles apart?Why have a bunch of channels bee...

Resolved! Channel Renumber and Series Links

360 user and received an email today about channel renumbering on 4th July.  The email stated"These changes will happen automatically, so you don’t need to do anything. And don’t worry – none of this will affect your recordings or Series Link+."Is th...

Sky Sports UHD offer not applied

Hi,I have seen similar threads about this, but need some help please! Like others, I received emails with an offer for Sky Sports UHD - and I responded to the email to accept the offer twice. The last occasion was 19th June - I received an email back...

Jev1 by Joining in
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Sky sports uhd

I have upgraded to Sky sports UHD using the 3 months free deal that was offered via email, I set this up 2 weeks ago but my account still hasn’t upgraded, any idea on lead times for this? 

Kyloglen by Joining in
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BBC to move Wimbledon extra streams online...

It seem the  Beeb are to move the extra ourt coverage strems from satelite to online covergage.What effect if any this will have to cable provision remains to be seen ...

RayW2 by Dialled in
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Resolved! Netflix, extra users not accepted

My new VM 360 package gives me standard Netflix as part of the deal, however I can’t use this as my son, who lives nearby therefore different address, is added as an extra user. Currently VM doesn’t allow extra users on Netflix so I am losing money b...

archerboy by On our wavelength
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360 box has deleted all current and planned recordings

First time having this issue but I know it's not uncommon. I've just gone into my recordings for the first time in a few days and all of my current and planned recordings have disappeared. It was nowhere near full as only had about 7 recordings on th...

Recording won’t work

Hi, we have the newest virgin box and just recently any recordings from sky sports F1 won’t load at all they’re there but when we try to watch them it says error, this is the only recording that won’t work all others are fine from any other channel, ...