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Moving Router, TV Hub and Adding Extra Box

I've just moved into an old house that has 2 Virgin entries to the property. I have one cable coming in to the wrong area and need to change to (possibly, if it works) the other one, whilst still leaving the first cable for a mini box. The current ca...

ian1965x by Joining in
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Error code M63

I have an error code M63. I am trying to migrate to TV360. 4 phone calls later and no better off

nesbit57 by Joining in
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BBC iPlayer asks for sign in every time

With the V6 box I only needed to sign in to BBC iPlayer the first time I used it. Now it's been converted to a TV 360 box I need to sign in every time I use BBC iPlayer. Assuming this isn't how it is meant to work what could I be doing wrong?

Resolved! V6 to 360 error message and so failed upgrade

I received my new handsets and tried to upgrade from V6 to 360 but kept getting the following error code: MA1/3/50. Can anyone help me? It now seems I’m paying for a TV service I can’t get.

JS999 by Tuning in
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Top left remote button, what’s the point?

Hi all had my 360 for a few months now and am loving it.The top left remote button mystifies me though.I can think of loads of reasons why I would want to switch my 360 off and leave my TV on (going on PlayStation etc) but I can’t think of one reason...

HobGoblyn by On our wavelength
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Use Netflix App as Standalone App?

Can I use an existing basic Netflix account to sign in and use the Netflix app on TV360, without being asked to change payment over to Virgin etc?  IE, use it in the same way I do to view Prime TV through the Virgin TV360.I've tried searching, but ha...

Virgin 360 Box Samsung TV SD Resolution on Start up

Hi All,I’ve not long since purchased another Samsung TV (Samsung QE50QN90B). I have an issue where when I turn the TV on from stand by the virgin 360 box resolution defaults to SD resolution. I have to manually turn the virgin box off and back on aga...

Jacobtribe by On our wavelength
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Upgraded V6 Box Profiles

I've upgraded 3 x V6 boxes to 360 and set up my profiles on one of them. When I went to my other boxes I expected my profiles to be automatically carried over. They were not. When I press the profile button I'm presented with the original add profile...

Mundiz by Tuning in
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