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+++Known Issue+++ Sky Comedy - F010630126

Hi there, Some customers may be experiencing degraded picture and sound quality on Sky Comedy (channel 112) Our support team are aware of the issue and are currently investigating We apologies for any inconvenience this issue may be causing. Best,

ModTeam by Moderator
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Virgin tv 360

Just started using virgin tv 360, why when virgin goes down or you replace a lead, do all your planned and recorded programs get wiped off and deleted!!

5763 by Joining in
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TV 360 Upgrade

Himessage to John_GSyou have been messaging my other half regrading the upgrade which id now being delivered tomorrow i am the account holderyoursDebs

virgin cable interference

Hi, just seeing if anyone else has had this problem, I’m getting interference with my LG sound bar connecting to my sub cuts in and out my cable one under the floor underneath it so if I move the speaker away from it, it doesn’t seem to happen 

Resolved! AV Sender: Watching TV 360 in Other Rooms (without multiroom)

HelloI currently have the old TiVo and am considering upgrading to the TV 360 as per this post and this post.The current set-up is that we use an AV sender to send the picture/signal upstairs to a TV in the bedroom - this also uses an infra-red wire/...


Resolved! Using 360 remote

When fastforwarding a recorded programme I cannot see the content so don't  know where to stop.V6 box allowed you to see where you were upto.

01226 by Joining in
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Recently installed my 360 box but can’t get the volume button to work or pair it to my surround system so am having to use my old TiVo remote to control the volume can anyone help me how to swap them over ?

TV 360 OLED TVs killer

So, it is a time to give my small review of this device after 7 days of its use.Lack of applications. There is no, as example, very popular PlutoTV. Switching between TV menu with TV's remote and TV 360 is not convenient. The question family asks, wh...

Yevhen by Joining in
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Resolved! Wish Lists & Series Links

HelloIs it right that on TV 360 you can't set "Wish Lists" like you can on TiVo, eg. I have a "Wish list" for Suranne Jones so that it records anything that her name appears in, regardless of what channel it's on?Also, is it correct that if you set a...

Resolved! Connecting app to the hun 4

Morning all. I have been sent a WiFi booster, downloaded the app but can't connect to the hub. I've gone through all the 'recommended' steps from Virgin app. Anyone else had this issue and managed to resolve it?

Closey79 by Joining in
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