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Sonos Beam Sound dropping out with Virgin 360

Joining in

My Sonos Beam worked perfectly with the old V6. Since the upgrade to 360 TV the sound repeatedly drops out. This doesn't happen with Digital TV or when listening to music. This is driving us mad! Any ideas how we can solve this problem would be much appreciated.


You're welcome. Glad to be of assistance as I know how frustrating it was for me when I first encountered the problem.

I was all set to sell my Sonos equipment as nobody had any solutions. Virgin just didn't want to know. But the problem has to be with their kit. 

Out of courtesy, I text the Virgin engineer who 'tried' to fix my problem so he would know if he came across it on future but he couldn't even be bothered to acknowledge the information. 

Virgin is great while it works. When it doesn't, you're on your own... 



Totally. This is why I replied with a thank you highlighting your fix to help others. 

My Broadband Ping - My Virginmedia Broadband connection

On your advice, I ordered a CEC Less HDMI adapter and installed it today. Since then, the Sonos Beam has not cut out once. I started this thread initially when being ‘upgraded’ from V6 to 360 and had become resigned to having to put up with the problem. Needless to say, I’m delighted to finally have such a simple and inexpensive solution. Many thanks. 

Excellent news... I'm sure lots of other people will encounter the same problem. I stumbled across the solution by pure chance as someone suggested it sounded like interference. I tried shielded cables first but they made no difference and saw the CEC adaptor as a last resort. You'd think someone from Virgin or Sonos would have spotted this thread and maybe added it to a trouble shooting guide by now... But no. So hopefully more people will find this if they resort to Googling 'Sonos, Virgin 360 interference'... 

Absolutely. I tried contacting Virgin and Sonos initially but both were useless, referring me to the other as the problem. I’m not very tech confident so didn’t try most other solutions suggested on this thread until I saw yours. I’d resorted to relying on TV audio every time the Sonos dropped out, but the varying sound quality and volume was annoying. I’ve had 6 hours trouble free now, so thanks once again! 

Hi, thank you for the advice, bought a new Sony surround sound set up and the volume keeps flashing when using viewing box, but fine when using my fire tv. I have just purchased the hdmi cec less adaptor, sorry for my ignorance (had never heard of this device), but where does it go? Between the virgin hdmi and the tv? Or the sound bar? 
Many thanks for your advice on this thus far 🙂

I didn’t proof read, seems to have autocorrected virgin to viewing 🙈

On our wavelength

Plug the CEC adapter into the back of your Virgin 360 box and then just connect your hdmi into the adapter and link everything else as normal... 

Cheers 🙂 

I am still awaiting my adapter to arrive, however, today, my virgin remote will no longer control the volume on my TV, and the issue has corrected itself 🤷‍♂️