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Resolved! Wifi no longer visible on London underground

Hi all,  I noticed for the first time today that the usual virgin media WiFi network isn't there on the tube. Is this being phased out?     [MOD EDIT: Please see update on post 111 here]      

ruswit by On our wavelength
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Issues receiving OTP text messages

Hi All,  We are aware that some customers may be experiencing issues receiving OTP text messages. Our support team are investigating this issue and we will update this thread with any progress.  Thanks Mod Team

ModTeam by Moderator
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Not registered to network

Suddenly for no reason i am unable to make outgoing calls. I have taken sim card out, rubbed it and put back into phone.I have manually searched and tried to connect to Virgin network via the settings but this is not working.  I have checked service ...

Apple watch and cellular?

Can I use Apple Watch Series 3 cellular with virgin mobile contract?  (ie receive messages, calls, spk on wifi )     [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Biddie69 by Joining in
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No signal

I'm constantly having issues with no signal on one of my sims on my family plan.  I can't send or receive text or have any data it just says emergency calls only.I've double checked and the account has unlimited text and call, has plenty of data and ...

Cant text, call, or use mobile data

I recently lost my phone and old sim card. I have been sent a replacement sim card to use, however, it doesn't work. I can't send texts, call, or use mobile data. When I got my sim card I wasn't asked to enter a pin for my card or activate it.What ca...

robbmort by Joining in
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Virgin refusing to supply PAC code

My contract mobile sim was cancelled due to an error by Virgin support. I've tried calling to resolve the issue with no luck and have given up. I called again to request a PAC code but was refused and told I would have to wait 5 days and use a Virgin...

Denpip by Joining in
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Roaming not working in France

Hi,My data roaming is not working in France. I have a Samsung and it used to work perfectly fine previously, but for these holidays I have not been able to get any data connection. It also often shows me the crossed circle sign, as if I had no sim ca...

ibby by Tuning in
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Resolved! iOS visual voicemail

Thinking of moving to Virgin Mobile, I need to ask 2 questions before I make my decision.1.Is virgin mobile using o2 now?2. If the answer to no1 is yes, does the service have visual voicemail now that Virgin mobile are now on o2.many thanksIan

icliddle by Joining in
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Universal remote

Need help locating the model id for my virgin stream box to enable me to set up a universal remote on my samsung tv please 

Cant receive calls while abroad

Im currently outside the EU and I can receive SMS (saying I missed calls) but I cant make or receive any calls, not even the existing customer number. Roaming is working and mobile data is also connected but its not possible to make calls. can you pl...

nicoreh by Joining in
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Excellent signal strength yet NOTHING will connect.

Hi,Really fed up of this issue I’ve had since summer. I’ve had two hubs replaced and nothing has resolved it. Tech support is worthless.Basically, I get full signal strength showing on all my devices but I have to hotspot to wfh as I cannot connect. ...

11lora by Joining in
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