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Loss of Voicemail - F010940301

Hi, We’re aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with their voicemail right now. We are working to resolve this and apologise for any inconvenience caused. All other services – including calls, TV and broadband – are working as usual.  ...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Forgot my security code for mobile credit agreement

I'm trying to view my mobile credit agreement to see how long I have left before I finish paying off my device however it's asking for a security code (along with 2 other bits of info which I do have).I found an article saying that there should be an...

Call barring

I have been trying to use my mobile data today as well as make calls but I keep getting a message saying that calls can't be made whilst call barring is activated. I was able to make phone calls until 9pm yesterdayI did not activate call barring and ...

Frubako by Settling in
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SIM not provisioned for voice

Hello, I have just had a replacement SIM sent out to me. I keep getting popups on my phone saying "SIM not provisioned for voice" and have no connection to the virgin mobile network. What am I supposed to do to fix this?I put the new SIM card in my a...

SIM card

Mobile phone contract recently came to an end. Happy enough to keep phone, but was thinking about changing to a SIM only deal. Is there any disadvantage to having a SIM only plan, and also I was wondering if I did this would I keep the same mobile nu...

FLETCH60 by Joining in
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Underground wifi

Unable to connect to the underground wifi.Please give detailed steps on connecting.Regards,Sal

Sal29 by Tuning in
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App does not allow payments

Your app won't allow me to pay.It should do, but it does not.I've had many many many many complications with your service.This is now making me violently angry. I've been messed about by you many many many times.

Resolved! Mobile network

Why is virgins mobile network absolutely not fit for purpose, they want you to join then when you do you get a service that to put it politely (crap ) . In one location, surrounded by so called (hotspots) can’t get a signal for mobile data or phone ,...

Kevano57 by Joining in
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Cannot log in to virgin mobile

I cannot, I repeat cannot log in to virgin media. Change password does not work, it freezes, you have my wrong address on my mobile account, why this is I don't know? You have messed up many many many many times with me before.....why do you insist o...

Mobile Phone Billing and N) Contact

I was moved by Virgin to 02 Volt.  I was told I did not need to contact anyone. I stopped the Direct Debit for V Mobile. I see I now have a bill even though service is stopped and nunber ported over to 02 by Virgin Media.  Message on web portal is to...

Robsull by Just joined
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