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Virgin Mobile plans have moved to O2

In January 2023, we announced that Virgin Mobile customers would be moving to O2 plans by the end of the year, and that we’d be simplifying our mobile offering under the O2 and giffgaff brands. We've now completed this activity, and if you need help...

Kei_M by Community Manager
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My mobile signal is missing for 2 days... It's showing full bars, but is not 4g or 5g and I can't even make calls

not getting one time pass code from Sainsbury's Bank

Hi There, Yesterday (Sat 15th June) I tried to sign into my Sainsburys Bank Account. The one time pass code was being delayed or not sent. On getting through to Sainsburys they went through diagnostics a 1hr session in the morning and a 2hr session i...

1949mick by Joining in
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Am I not able to upgrade before I move to o2?

trying to upgrade my virgin mobile phone to try and get a new contract (cheaper) than what ill get on o2 when i get moved over next month,the website is crashing and going "OOPPSSS try again soon!"is this deliberate to stop me upgrading or just the f...

djr_uk by Up to speed
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Resolved! Virgin monthly to O2 monthly sim swap query

Hi, I've just changed my virgin media package, which included a sim, and have been moved to O2. I wanted to keep my number and was advised, whilst on the phone, that the pac code had been generated and was sorted, I didn't need to do anything, just c...

angela65 by On our wavelength
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How long to wait for Back Office Team to make contact?

On the 31st May this year my VM numbers were fraudulently ported to Vodaphone (now called SIM Theft) This caused serious repercussions as my number was used to apply for a loan. After many conversations with VMobile my numbers were reinstated on the ...

jwhite52 by Joining in
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Resolved! Help on a mobile deal = sony earbuds

Hi There, I bought 2 new Samsung 20 mobiles there was a promotion on = a set of Sony earbuds However when i checked back the claims details are now for a flip phone,i'm well in the time limit how can i complete the claims ? Thanks in advance 

Error message when trying to update monthly spending cap

After discovering that VM charge 50p per Mb in Guernsey (!!!), I have now used up my monthly spending allowance (in about 10 minutes, at that extortionate rate).When trying to increase my limit (as an emergency measure, so I can at least send SMS mes...

nelios16 by Joining in
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Will customers receive compensation for the days of disruption to messaging that has been resolved today.The issue started on Saturday for me

Resolved! Loss of caller ID

HelloSince last week the caller ID on my home phone has not been working. I had not been notified of any work being carried out in the area as the last time this happened engineers were working in the area. I know something happened to the line becau...

Lettuc3 by Tuning in
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