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Virgin Mobile plans have moved to O2

In January 2023, we announced that Virgin Mobile customers would be moving to O2 plans by the end of the year, and that we’d be simplifying our mobile offering under the O2 and giffgaff brands. We've now completed this activity, and if you need help...

Kei_M by Community Manager
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Iphone battery on virgin media contract

Hi, I bought a contract for an iphone 14 with you in July and the battery on the phone is not great at all. I have gone through all the procedures to 'help' battery life but it is still running out, I have all my apps closed, low power mode. I don't ...

sabel26 by Joining in
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I would like to pay off my mobile handset early

I have a contract with virgin media for a mobile handset and I would like to pay off the balance. I have signed in to my credit agreement online and I can see my current balance but when I click the option to pay it, I am getting a message that says ...

Cannot set up Virgin Media/O2 ID or pay off handset

Hello,I've been having a hugely frustrating afternoon trying to sort this out.  My phone line was handed over to O2 along with everyone elses.When I rearranged my broadband when I moved house in 2022, I was offered an additional O2 SIM as part of the...

Resolved! O2 Sim hasn't arrived

I've had my Gig1 service for over 2 weeks now but there's still no sign of the promised O2 sim card. I can't get any help from O2 because my account doesn't exist apparently.

Paying off handset loan

Hello, Hello, I am in a similar position in trying to find information on what I need to do if I want to pay off my Virgin Media handset contract. Its been a nightmare (3 hours chatting with a chat bot and going round in circles) trying to get a resp...

VandyM by Joining in
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Mobile Account Problems

After all day getting my security key sorted and try to login to get access to my agreement no bloody luck also I really need to find my account number of this paper work so I can ring them if not I am lost for help.