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Loss of Voicemail - F010940301

Hi, We’re aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with their voicemail right now. We are working to resolve this and apologise for any inconvenience caused. All other services – including calls, TV and broadband – are working as usual.  ...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Replacement Sim

Hi, As part of our deal, we received a sim card.  I've misplaced it so wondered how I'd go about ordering a replacement one please?  Thank you.

Data roaming isn't working yet again

Everytime I go abroad the Data roaming doesn't work. It now and again connects for a second and receives notifications but other than that and the odd gmaps it doesn work.Always getting no service and no internet connection.I've done all the steps in...

Replacement SIM Card needed

Hi - I lost my SIM long time ago and I called the Customer service way before the card was deactivated to request a new Sim. they send it via post and they forwarded me an email with the reference number. This was on the 14th of Jan 2020, but never r...

solimanm by Joining in
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Resolved! Won’t connect to partner network in india

We arrived in India and for the first time my phone did not connect automatically to a partner network. Before we left, we made sure the going abroad and roaming options in the manage services section of our virgin account were set up correctly. I ha...

Lorip by Joining in
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Outage in ML5 area

Can't phone from my mobile for a few days now. Phoned Virgin and was told there was an outage in the area. When trying to connect it says Selected network(Virgin) not available. This has been happenibg for the last few days. 

betty05 by Joining in
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Cannot connect to virgin

HiI urgently need some help, for 4 days now I have been struggling to access virgin and have no service on my phone, I can’t call / receive calls or texts and cannot use the internet. My phone literally keeps saying no service. I have called / emaile...

Scam number

Just checked my last mobile. Phone bill this premium number scam as far as I am aware is scam number it shows a on my bill 14 times at 1.50 a time 44700034001 

O2 or Vodafone?

I've just ordered a SIM to join the VM network thinking that they use Vodafone but I've since read that they now use o2.  Is anyone able to confirm?  Many thanks.

CLP1968 by Joining in
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Hi,Just ported my number to virgin, on the mobile app I login using my email and password etc, the next screen I see the old mobile numbers, not our porting numbers in virgin. This means I cannot access the mobile app via login info.

Matt2022 by Joining in
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Little to no 4G

Hi, after reading most of the posts here regarding 4G signal I’m assuming everyone is going to have signal problems for the forceable future until the migration has been finalised. My issue is the speeds / being kicked off 4G. Recently I upgraded my ...

Keato by Fibre optic
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