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Loss of Voicemail - F010940301

Hi, We’re aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with their voicemail right now. We are working to resolve this and apologise for any inconvenience caused. All other services – including calls, TV and broadband – are working as usual.  ...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Invalid Number on outgoing calls

Can receive calls ok however when i dial out i get a response saying invalid number.I have tried the other previously mention "fixes" with no joy.Turn phone off, restart device, take sim out and clean it, turn off automatic network selection and choo...

No outgoing calls

I am unable to make outgoing calls and it says invalid number. I have been experiencing minor problems for past few weeks but used to fix by own when rebooted. But not working now.Tried my sim card in other phone still not workingTried to contact cus...

Number not valid message on every outgoing call

I have been getting an error message 'number not valid' on outgoing calls. Both to landlines and mobiles. Have rebooted device and then made one call successfully but then error message again on any further calls . i have signal. Have received calls ...

Lp3741 by Joining in
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Unable to make calls

HelloI've been with virgin mobile for about 2 weeks now and just today, I've tried to make several outgoing calls and I get invalid number. I am also unable to receive calls.I have rebooted my phone and still getting the same error. I can't call cust...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cannot make calls

I can’t phone out but I can receive calls tried my sim in other phones won’t work also I can’t vet hold of Virgin 

Phone calls not working

When I try to make phone calls I am getting number not valid messages.I can make WiFi calls, I have signal, I can call landlines. Tried to call 111 for my baby who is sick and it won't work. Can't call mobiles either.

Jsempill by Joining in
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can`t call out

can`t call out, can receive calls, tried turning off and on everything else works fine, virgin keep asking me to call them, which i can`t... don`t use whatsapp..webchat doesn`t work  please help

Philnock by Joining in
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invalid number

Apologies for cross postingToday I'm experiencing 'invalid number' (i.e. beeps and fails to connect athe call) with every number I dial (landline & mobiles). I can't call the helpdesk so I'm hoping I can get a resolution onlineRestarts did not solve ...