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Virgin Mobile plans have moved to O2

In January 2023, we announced that Virgin Mobile customers would be moving to O2 plans by the end of the year, and that we’d be simplifying our mobile offering under the O2 and giffgaff brands. We've now completed this activity, and if you need help...

Kei_M by Community Manager
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2 sims same contract

Can I have 2 sims for the same contract?I have my phone and car asking for a sim, can I have this feature so I can use my phone on my car?

SIM Tool Kit

Hi, I have been struggling to find an answer to the missing SIM tool kit on my Samsung A52 and my wifes Nokia 6.  Following Virgin sending a replacement SIM which did not resolve the problem I had lengthy discussions with 3 different Virgin Customer ...

Peterjr by Joining in
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Resolved! O2 SIM delivery

Good afternoon. I have recently signed up to virgin media with the ultimate volt bundle. My TV and broadband is due to be installed next Friday. I was just wondering how long will I need to wait until the O2 SIM card arrives.

Resolved! Please need help with payment

Hi, I haven’t used virgin for a few years and I checked my credit score report and apparently i have a £7 missed payment for some reason. I dont even want to know the reason anymorr, i just want to pay to stop affecting my credit score. How can i pay...

Damspt by Joining in
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Wifi Calling dropping out

I've had an Oppo find X2 Pro running the latest version of android. Until recently wifi calling was working fine. Over the last couple of weeks, I keep losing my wifi calling, even though I have a perfectly good wifi signal. When I go into the Virgin...

kjg by Joining in
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No audio when roaming

Please can someone provide a telephone number for a senior manager at Virgin Mobile. My Wife and I have the same issue as many others. We have no audio when receiving calls when we are roaming. We are abroad 3 months of the year. We have spend hours ...

and_wise by Joining in
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Wifi Calling iPhone SE (2022 version)

I have recently received my sim, I have wifi calling turned on but it is not kicking in even when I have 1 or 2 bars. I have rebooted the phone, taken the sim out etc.

acdeag by Up to speed
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Resolved! Abroad and no access to Voice Mail

I'm currently away from the UK and need to access my voicemail. But it's asking for a pin that I don't remember setting. Does anyone know how to fix this?  Thank you.

Gary26 by Joining in
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