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TV Go device registration - Google Chrome

You may still be experiencing issues with Google Chrome registering a new device on your TV Go profile each time you use it. This isn't the intended behaviour, for the best experience we recommend not clearing cache/cookies for TV Go after each sessi...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Virgin TV Go - Virgin TV box is offline

A couple of weeks ago, my TV Go app which has been working perfectly, stopped working. If I try to record anything, it just comes up and says "Your Virgin TV box is offline. We'll schedule xxxxxx to record when it comes back online". But I'm in front...

wattsy by Dialled in
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Virgin TV control stopped working

TV control does not work any more. I get a streaming message and when trying to set up streaming I get a not available message.My configuration is trying to play Tivo V6 recorded programmes on samsung tab2 running android version 7.0.I tried uninstal...

paultec by Tuning in
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Manage my TiVo from PC insecure???

I was just experiementing with "Manage my TiVo" on my laptop but got a warning about the site being insecure and it looks like it's all unencrypted. That can't be right surely???? 

escargo by On our wavelength
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tv go

why can,t i watch sky  sports on tv go i have brought the package  


Do I need an active TV account to use Virgin TV GO? (I only have Broadband with Virgin)

Ogre by Joining in
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Virgin Tv Go error message

HiI can’t seem to log into the Virgin Tv Go app. When I insert email and password it says ‘Oops - the service isn’t available at the moment. Try again in a few minutes.’I have been trying for ages.Sign in details are definitely correct. Any help appr...

RySto by Joining in
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does the tvgo web site ever work?

I want to enter the website to manage my tvgo details.I have one device registered and shows up on my device management page, my mobile, I can pick the programs up on my mobile but when I click the "manage my sky devices" at the bottom of the device ...

bob18 by Joining in
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Unable to access the recording

I am having the same problem. I have tried all the suggestions on this forum but none of them work. This app is useless!

TA99 by Joining in
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Sky Devices in TVGO are blank

I am using TvGo from Edge Browser and everything is working except for Sky Sports and Movies. When I go to manage sky devices I have 3 device changes available but the devices table is blank and will not load. Any ideas?