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TV Go device registration - Google Chrome

You may still be experiencing issues with Google Chrome registering a new device on your TV Go profile each time you use it. This isn't the intended behaviour, for the best experience we recommend not clearing cache/cookies for TV Go after each sessi...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Downloading on App

Has an answer been given as to why people cannot download on this app? I’m new to Virging and annoyed that I can’t download. 

Resolved! Reset TVGO maximum devices

I have 4 registered devices (3 seem to be the same) and when I jump over to watch Sky Sports I log in okay with the Virgin account but then get a msg that max devices exceeded and to contact Virgin.

trevt by Tuning in
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TV Go app streaming via HDMI cable to TV

Was away at the weekend in a hotel and wanted to watch the rugby on BT Sport via the TV Go App. Could watch fine on my iPad, but it wouldn't let me watch via a HDMI cable from the iPad to the TV in the room. Could get sound but no picture. Just tried...

casbar by On our wavelength
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BT sport not working

So, want to watch West Ham on BT Sport 1 but all I get is a black screen? Other channels seem OK like Sky Sports News and the same laptop hasn't had this issue before?All 4 BT Sport channels showed the same issue but about 5 minutes ago some started ...

Resolved! TV Go app

I have perpetual problems trying to get the TV Go app to connect to the TV Box so that I can watch my recordings on an iPad. Every evening I have to try; restart the TV box, restart the iPad, restart the app multiple times. Often have to restart my w...

IWC24 by Joining in
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Tele tablet

I rest my tele tablet and it says signin with gmail account and when i signin it goes back to signin page continuous loop email and password are correct any thoughts ps i cannot get to homepage without signin

pancho1 by Joining in
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Help- I can't find the sky cinema app!

I have Sky Cinema in my VM package, but I can't find the sky cinema app to watch the films on my phone/tablet. I've checked on the google play store AND done a general google search and found nothing.Has anyone got the app and could tell me where to ...

kenji6 by Joining in
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