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self-installation - no accessible socket?

Tuning in

Hi all, 

I just moved in yesterday and was all ready to go for my self-installation today. However I’ve just gone to plug in to a wall socket to realise the only virgin media labelled socket seems to be for the phone. There is a white section of a cable (as pictured) that I assume I’m meant to be using but I’m unable to detach it so I can attach the wall socket cable, if that makes sense? No matter how much I try to screw it out or gently pull it out, it won’t budge. 





I’d love to sort this myself without having to book an engineer in but is it doable?

Thanks in advance!  


Alessandro Volta

? the cable goes in to the hub



Thank you! I was under the impression I had to be using all of the VM kit that came in the self-installation pack, didn't realise I could just use that white isolator cable instead of the one VM provided (and in the exact same way). To be completely honest, it's only now that I see how obvious it is that that white cable is just the same as the VM isolator cable - I just thought I had to get rid of it somehow to set mine up! 

Apologies for the simple question but hopefully this thread might help someone else who gets overwhelmed by something similar in the future! 

Thanks again. 

The challenge is not all installs are equal as they change/bodge the cabling to suit, however, they supply 'standard' cabling in the self-installation pack!

Hi there @angryghost 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced an issue with the install but a massive thank you to our community team for their advise here. Can I just confirm, have you been able to install now?