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Repair required to brown box outside

Please can someone let me know how I get the brown box outside repaired. I did an online chat and was told an appt had been arranged. But that was over a week ago.The brown cover had been attached loosely as its very old and in all the storms we have...

Hale by Tuning in
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Broadband in apartment

Hi,im wanting to get have virgin fitted in my apartment as the cables were fitted in our street almost two years ago. All of the neighbouring streets and properties have access but my apartment complex doesn’t.I’ve spoken to the property management c...

Cable box outside

 Hi our cable box outside is broken due to the wind lately I did phone and they organised an engineer to come this Wednesday and I was told I was not needed to be in as it’s not inside the property but the text states I need to be in and show idcan s...

Cookm015 by Joining in
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Resolved! New Fibre pre install prep work

Good evening all,Long time BT customer here, still in the dark ages with 38Mbps connection.Virgin media recently laid and installed cables and exchange boxes close by to my home, Ive ordered Fibre TV and Sim.I am a little concerned about the pre inst...

Moving external cables

Anyone know how I can get an engineer out to move an external virgin TV cable? We’re having building works done and we need to move it about 5 m. I can’t see anywhere online that allows you to schedule a call out (assume I’ll need to pay). 

Amjack by Joining in
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Virgin media wall socket

Hi I’ve just joined VM for the broadband package and it said I was suitable for quick install.when I go to plug in the isolator cable, there is no VM box on the wall and nothing similar. I have an antenna plug or a BT 5c socket but nothing else. when...

Rachael7 by Just joined
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Gone Away Form - No response

Hi,I am moving into a new property and applied for Virgin Media M350 on the 25th of January with a delivery date on the 29th. On the 27th, I received an email saying that my Gone Away Form has been received and to expect an answer within 48 hours, po...