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No virgin media wall socket

I've recently moved into a rental property and thought I was being prepared by setting up the Wi-Fi in advance. Turns out, the house only has an Openreach master socket and because it's a rental we can't get an engineer in to install a Virgin one. I'...

Cut my cable

Please can anybody help. Have accidently cut through virgin cable in my garden, where it goes under paving so was only 1 inch buried. Can anybosy please advise. The menu system on phone dosent help. can any of the virgin tech guys help. Thank you in ...

Media Hub 5

I am sure this is a stupid question but I have been sent a Hub 5 and wi fi is fine. However I cannot understand how to attach landline as I have not received any new cables or adapter and when I plug into internet port as per previous hub the line is...

Fibre install Cancelled

Our Housing estate had Virgin work done a few years ago and i have now decided to go for full fibre. All went fine with order until i had a call stating that they would not proceed with installation as not viable. Path opposite was dug up but not our...

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Poor customer support and service

On the verge of ditching Virgin.I have no supply (broadband, tv and phone) since 12th August. Reported issue same day, the fault being caused by Cambridge city council removing a tree from front of property and cutting the cable.Virgin attended on th...

Engineer Appointment removed

I was due to have an engineer come on Friday to fit Virgin Broadband  Now in the app there's no reference to it?   I've had no text, email or phone call telling me of any change - is there a phone number I should use to find out what's going on ?