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Hub Move

Hello,When the WiFi was installed in my home, we were not asked where it needed to be installed, and as a result has been installed in a less than ideal location in the living room. When the Engineer visited last due to an issue with the WiFi, which ...

Simjem97 by Joining in
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internet dropouts for 18months!

at my wits end folks so i need some advice before i decide to bin virgin once and for all.for 18 months now we have experienced internet dropouts on our router, done all the usual, rebooted router 100s of times, wif boosters, 2 new hub 3s, new cable ...

Wayleave Help

Hi I'm looking for some clarification regarding a wayleave I have been sent from Virgin Media.My neighbours asked me the other day if I would provide an email address so Virgin could connect their house to the network. I have since received the Wayle...

Hendo56 by Joining in
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Connect App Issues

Virgin Media Connect App yet again not working. It can never find the Hub or two wi-Fi pods. Followed every instructions given and still no joy. It even says the two wi-fi pods are not compatible with our Hub 4.It’s a joke, takes ages to get through ...

Hornet37 by Joining in
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Connection unstable

After finally getting the Hub3 working, the Wifi is tragically unstable, it's even worse when you use VPN service. Dropping off every 10mins, can't even get a stable speed of half of what it should be. Ethernet cable connection is also not stable 100...