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Resolved! Hub 4 Modem Mode

I recently posted about some issues I had after migrating from a Hub 3 to a Hub 4.  On further investigation it looks like my issue may be around the Hub 4 not being properly in Modem mode.  When I open up the Hub 4 setting page it shows it as being ...

se1lad by Up to speed
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Need Wifi Pods

I have recently had a Hub5 installed with 1GB internet. It is working fine.However, I have poor connectivity upstairs - I can't connect in one bedroom and very poor signal in our attic office. Clearly, I need Wifi Pods to extend the network.Unfortuna...

Brown wire box

Hi, the brown box that holds the wires outside of my house has been damaged because of the windy weather. The cover is missing and the wires are exposed. Can you help please? Thanks

Kirsty7 by Joining in
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No wall socket

I was sent the quick start kit.There's no wall socket for VM.I've check outside, there are no other cables running into the flat.Why did they send me a quick start kit if there's no VM?Are any of these supposed to work? I've tried all of them but may...


How to get service!

Engineer will be with you on Thursday.No engineer!Eventually get hold of a human who says will make sure a kit would arrive on Saturday.No kit!As I’m trying to get hold of them they ring me. Told I will receive a text any minute and they will ring me...

Angry4 by Joining in
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