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Removal of damaged and empty cabinet

I have had 2 (seemingly) empty green cabinets in front of my house for over 20 years that have never been worked on by any engineers.They are incredibly rusty and recently the doors fell open damaging my car door!I am trying to find out how to reques...

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Wayleave consent and flat installation

Hi,We live on a street with Virgin Media already installed but it is not installed in our block of flats. Our postcode only contains our building and no other properties.  I have checked the postcode for each of the houses either side of us and they ...

Resolved! Phone line

My son has just set up my broadband and landline. The router light is a orange colour but seems to be working. MY landline is ringing constantly engaged. I was told by the virgin man I only need a landline and that's it, turns out I needed the virgin...

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Good FTTP installation experience

I got a leaflet through my door last week offering a free trial of 1gb Internet plus a couple of hundred quid in Amazon Internet to trial Virgins tech for 6 momths. Thought it sounded like a scam, but apparently not. It's the new Virgin FTTP product....

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cable not fitting wall

 Hi all My virgin media wifi cable is not fitting in to the wall socket I live in a house with 3 flats, I entered my post code before purchasing and passed the eligibility check therefore thought I was all set!I have tried calling virgin media seven ...

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Cut Cable

Hi, I live in sheffield.We don't currently have virgin media. Recently one of our builders accidently cut thevirgin media cable in our garden. This cable was under the ground. They didn't fix it but carried on installing our new patio. So now this ca...

lmcclean by Joining in
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