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I ordered Gig1 Fibre on the 16th of February 2023. The original scheduled date for engineer installation was 21st of February 2023, this was then not met and as Virgin Media failed to provide enough notice, they did provide with compensation. However...

Re: 3x pods how

I've posted on another thread. My internet is not good in my bedroom. Buffering when streaming. Had 13mb download on the app, saved it. And still wasn't offered the WiFi pod

bigkev3579 by On our wavelength
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No virgin media wall box

Just like the other posts- I do not have a virgin media wall box. I’m annoyed because I actually had a virgin sales person in my house. He was going door to door. He could see the set up I already had. I’m annoyed as I have been sent the DIY set up b...

Virgin Media + O2 Trap?

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a broadband-only deal for £39.99 for 1gb speed. Then, yesterday, a week before the scheduled installation date, I received a call from Virgin asking why I had cancelled. I hadn't!The lady on the phone was helpfu...

Connection Dropping

Over the last few days I keep getting connection dropouts - It looks like the Hub-5 is resetting every 30 minutes or so - Is this the sign the unit is dying? Network LogTime Priority Description 02-03-2023 15:30:18noticeUS profile assignment change. ...


Mini box move

Hi can someone confirm it's still £25 to have a mini box moved from upstairs to downstairs? And can someone set me up for an appointment if that's correct?Thanks

Resolved! Coax cable needs to be longer

Hi there,i need to lengthen the coax cable as I want to position my tv in a different area in my front room. The cable already in situ isn’t long enough to do this.Can anyone recommend what I need to get to allow me to do this along with any necessar...

AJB128 by Joining in
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Resolved! Installation

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right board for this but here we go. I ordered a Virgin Media package in early November and got an install date for 29th November. On that date we had a text message saying that it was postponed. Then we got a new inst...