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Resolved! Missing quickstart kit??

I was finally persuaded to stay with Virgin by a reasonably good deal on Friday morning. The person I spoke to promised that the quick start kit would be delivered yesterday between 8 and 8 and that it would be all sorted with minimal fuss.Well, I wa...

Connect app does not connect to hub 3

I am on the internet so I know the hub is working. My pods are also plugged.When try to connect the connect app to the hub, the app says it cannot find. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times but nothing changes....Poor quality system. 

Sejo by Joining in
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Virgin Media Availability

Hi,I live in a new build property since December 2021. I live on a corner of two streets. The postcode finder service availability lists my property as unavailable for broad band services, but the street next to me (which I'm also on) has availabilit...

lucchesi by Joining in
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New house connection

Helloi live in a section of a street which has 5 new build houses. virgin media is available to the rest of the street.my address doesn’t come up when doing a search. How can I get an assessment done as doesn’t feel like it would be much work to conn...

RLeese by Joining in
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how to connect my house to the grid

all my neighbour's have virgin media I haven't I assume its because I live in an old Victorian house previous owner lived here from 1948-2017  and he refused the the insulation of Diamond cable back in the 90's. however due to the house being old I a...

spud920 by Joining in
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Resolved! Most accurate speedtest?

Anyone have a feel as to which is the most accurate speedtest? In trying to sort out the intermittent connections dropping I've also been looking at how fast this 1 Gig service really is. I'm finding a factor of 2 or 2.5 difference between tests.The ...

pppp_23 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Moving cable entry point

Hi, I want to arrange to move my cable entry point for the TV. After 5 attempts at calling customer service I have given up.Does anyone know the options I am meant to press or is there another way that is now going to take the rest of the day?Thanks 

Router not delivered

I signed up a few days ago and my router was meant to be delivered on Sat 11th March while I was moving to my new flat. I was here all day but never arrived. Please help! I need internet for workNicolas - Order CH2036201518

Installation Delay after Delay

Hi All, I have been reading about this delays and delays and im actually at same position.The agent who sold me the package (Someone called Sue from Virgin Media) assured me that my internet would be installed on the 5 of January (even said probably ...

EduPais by Tuning in
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