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Cancel order

Hi,I ordered broadband but I was informed that due to there being a current virgin media account active at the address my order failed, in response I asked to cancel my order rather than be contacted to arrange to progress with the order, unfortunate...

Jambo26 by Joining in
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No TV Splitter

I've recently received a new hub 5 for a broadband upgrade but I didn't get a TV splitter with it. I previously had my hub upstairs running the 360 box via a powerline, but with having to connect the landline to the hub I'm wanting to bring it back d...

kow by Tuning in
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Netflix activation

Hello, I renewed and upgraded my contract recently which now includes Netflix within my Virgin bill. I've been waiting 16 days since receiving my equipment for the Netflix activation email to be sent to me. I've phoned on three separate occasions, ea...

RossRoss by Joining in
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No plug

Hey I just got my broadband router delivered but I don’t have a plug anywhere is my home to plug it in? Can someone come and install one? New home also so all new to me!thank you!

1GB service only giving 700

My upgrade from 350 to 1GB arrived today (upgrade to hub5) but the download speed is maxing out at around 700, way short of the “1130 average speed” advertised. That speed is with no other decides whatsoever connected and on wifi rather than ethernet...

Box cover fallen off outside house

 The cover of the box outside my house has fallen off leaving wires exposed. Although from the ground it looks like a quick job, we don’t have a ladder tall enough to reach near to the roof where the box is fixed to the outside of the house. The box ...

rmhaljr by Joining in
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Resolved! Neighbours complaining of mould/damp

Hi everyone,Has anyone ever heard of a newly installed Virgin wall box causing mould or damp in a neighbour's property?I live upstairs in a block of four flats and my downstairs neighbours have noticed dampness and mould on the inside wall of their b...

Greeehg by Tuning in
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