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Resolved! Diamond cable wall socket

 As per the title, I’ve received my home installation kit, however my property currently has the old diamond cable wall socket in a very awkward place. Are you able to provide a longer round cable, as the current one provided is far to short?


Account number

Hi!I ordered my virgin media broadband via O². I got welcome letter and so many emails but none with an account number. Broadband working, set up since 1st November, but im still not able to manage settings/my account. Where can i get that?Thank you!

Self installation delivery

Hi,So I'm due to move in to my new flat on the 9th. I set up and signed up for virgin internet on the 3rd, and when doing so it allowed me to choose the 9th for delivery, great. The following day I get an email saying it's been changed to the 16th at...

James464 by Joining in
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Poor customer service

I started with the 1Gig servicei noticed I wasn’t getting the speeds as advertised (around 700MB)In May a tech visited my property and said there was an issue with my cable. Basically the wrong type for 1Gig. He stated he would make arrangements for ...

Broadband not working

My broadband stopped working suddenly this morning. The router appears to keep rebooting itself. It's a media hub version three. I usually use it in modem mode but it's now out of modem mode since resetting it as suggested by Virgin Media. I now can'...

nigelbu by Joining in
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Terrible start

New customer was due a quick start delivery today . At 10am yodel status changed from out for delivery - to driver delay and back at depot .i called Virgin customer service and was told to first check with yodel - I politely declined , so then advise...

Leon_ by Just joined
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