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STILL not connected

The ongoing Saga continues! Since september 25th have I been trying to get through to Virgin Media about a PON-missmatch in this area, ever since then all I've gotten were empty promises about when the isue would be fixed and rude customer service wh...

Preinstall nightmare

What is the usual wait time for cabling a new home? Organised to be done in August. It's still not done with zero progress, multiple vans turning up looking sitting in there vans for a hour and then driving off. Whenever you ring up its always "they'...

Calzah by Joining in
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Wrong wall connection

 Help!! Virgin sent me the quick start kit and but I have the wrong connections to go into the virgin socket... Picture above... Can anyone advise what I need to go and get/how to connect to it? 

PXL_20231109_174307510.jpg 16995519731092443034515662403090.jpg

Broad band issue in NG5

Hi, There has been a technical issue in NG5 since Tuesday evening or before. I was unformed that this would be solved by today.Unfortunately I still have an issue.As a disabled person this service is needed for me to shop amongst other thing. Can any...

Resolved! Installing the router

Will hopefully have the VM router for gig1 installed on 8/11/23, will they put it where I want it to be placed as my cameras are all connected by Ethernet so need the router in the same room as the Ethernet cables, my cameras are HiLook & record onto...

Stephen93 by Up to speed
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Resolved! Old provider

Will virgin contact my old provider? There’s been no mention of them stating they will. In the meantime I haven’t officially cancelled my old providers account yet as they said virgin would do that?thanks 

Digsun by Tuning in
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Resolved! Cable cut by Thames Water

How do we get the Cable repaired by Virgin Media?Thames Water were called out to deal with a water supply leak. Their Contractors have cut through the Cable and will not continue with trying to deal with the leak until the cable is repaired or made s...

shaleman by Tuning in
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