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Resolved! Quickstart kits!!

Had a lost quickstart kit and a cancellation dont know why now our new delivery attempts cant find my house. Which is easy to find btw. At my wits end anybody any ideas. 

Jacqui8 by Tuning in
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Making a complaint

Hi, can someone please let me know the best way to make an official complaint please? I've tried going through the phone countless times and I'm always either lied to or hung up on. A brief (ish) summary of my situation is below...I signed up to Virg...

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OBTBPAD by Joining in
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Superhub5 rebooting

My Hub5 has been rebooting recently but tonight it was because of a "Cable Modem Reboot because of - kernel-panic". It had rebooted at 3:00 am but that was due to a software update. A kernel panic sounds a tad more serious. Anyone had anything simila...

Resolved! Neighbour can't log in to VM

Hi Anyone I recommended my neighbour to join VM. He did and it is all set up to go. However, he can't log in to do anything like setting up his email addy. Now, before Sky actually cuts him off, can you help him to get started please? He is not compu...

EddyFiss by Tuning in
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Moving Hub to loft

We have virgin connection from the outside box to the loft. I tried moving wifi hub/router to loft, router wifi light is green and steady, base light is also green and steady. But there is no internet. I have mesh network connected directly to router...

slostp37 by Just joined
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Fibre In Entire Estate Except Us

Virgin have recently released fibre in my estate (hundreds of houses) with the junction boxes and cables installed above ground, using the existing telegraph pole network. There is already a full system of these in place with what I assume is old pho...

Lyall12 by Joining in
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WiFi not connecting to hub 5

Recently upgraded my internet to 1gig and received the hub 5.  The WiFi pod I already that was working with the hub 3 worked fine. Now IV swapped to the hub 5 the pod will not connect, even though it's in the same place and only around 10 feet away. 

Rob9987 by Joining in
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