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Unable to go online with PS4 - New to VM

On our wavelength

Hi All,

Hope someone can help me get my sons PS4 online before the school break as he is only allowed to play during school holidays. The PS4 was fine with our previous provider SKY and also works with my mobile hotspot, however it does not connect to VM wifi. We are new to VM only had our package for a month.

I am getting a DNS message and have seareched the web and forums for a solution but still unable to log in. 

Here are the things I have already done:

1: Restarted the router HUB5 and restarted the PS4 - No luck

2: Turned off Child Safe - Restarted the hub - No luck

3: Manually did the DNS to amd as suggetsed in forum - No luck

Please can someone help - Thank you

Easy Wifi Setup - DNS ErrorEasy Wifi Setup - DNS ErrorWifiWifi



The DNS error message & lack of NAT type suggests the PS4 is not getting as far as the internet.
It behaves like access for the PS4 has been barred either by using the VM Connect app or the Hub 4 menus.

Log into the Hub admin menus and check :
1) Wi-Fi Pausing is Disabled
2) MAC Address Filtering is also Disabled

Note the VM Connect app can not be trusted to list all Paused / Blocked devices so don't use it to check.

On our wavelength

Thank you. Will try this when I get home.

How do I access the hub menus?

I do use the connect app as advised by VM, and was nessesary in order to doe a speed test to get a wifi pod for upstairs.


The VM Hub's admin menu is at

Log with the Hub Password ( i.e not the Wi-Fi password )

On our wavelength

Thank you so much!!!!! It’s working now.

I found the MAC filtering so turned this off, couldn’t find the WiFi pausing.

Restarted PS4 and Hub and all is working. 
Thank you


Wi-Fi Pausing is in Wireless >>> Security on our Hub.

We almost never find a need to Restart our VM Hub, and in almost seven year I have never pressed RESET !