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Renewal offer was not met, 264mb for 24 pounds but I am paying 55 pounds

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Got offered 264mb for 24 pounds so that I wouldn’t leave virgin media, now they refuse to give it to me.

Hello, we had to move houses in may 2024 and I decided it was a good chance to get a new contract with another provider as my contract with virgin media had finished. I decided to open a live chat and talk to them about ending my services. However, I got an offer which I couldn’t resist. I got told I would get 264mb for 24 pounds if I were to stay. I said yes and I got told that I had to contact once I had gotten to the new house.
Once I arrived at the new address, I contacted them 5 times and each time they said they couldn’t match that offer, each time with different reasons such as they just can’t, it hasn’t been a month which means that I can’t get a discount, it hasn’t been 48 hours so I can’t get a discount…
They even put me on a ghost 7 hour long waiting queue.

One day I realised that I suddenly had much higher speeds than my previous M125 contract. So I contacted virgin media as they had given me the 264mb but it was for 54 pounds a month.

Once I got someone to agree that I was given a deal and that 48 hours had passed, I got told that I would get the updated price within the next few days. Yesterday I just got an email saying that I had no contract with virgin media and that my current price was 54 per month.
I have tried contacting but I literally got put in another blank queue which I was not going to keep waiting in like last time.

What can I actually do. I have submitted a complain and I am waiting for their replies. Sadly I couldn’t submit any of the screenshots while filing the complaint.





Alessandro Volta

With VM it seems the only way is pay for your current contract allow for free upgrades when they happen DO NOT go to VM to upgrade your package DO NOT allow them to upgrade your package when in contract . If you want to upgrade cancel your package then pick a new package 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Sylar1092

Thank you for your first post and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear about the renewal offer not being applied at the cost advised.

As a rule we tend to not deal with any package changes on here as it falls out of our support scope.

However as one off we would like to take a look at getting this resolved for you.

Can you please let us know if you still need any help with this.



Up to speed

"Got offered 264mb for 24 pounds"

hope it gets sorted 

Alessandro Volta

It is extremely common to read on here that someone has been offered and accepted a deal that doesn't actually  happen.

Whether this is due to a definite policy to make the customer pay more than they expected, or simple incompetence in the administration of contracts is difficult to decide.  But in either case, something is very wrong with the way VM arranges its contract renewals.

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

I hope it doesn't happen to me when I cancel my contract in August 



forgot to say when my contract ends, if i don't cancel it will go up to £59, right now i pay £18.50 a month