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Poor Customer service - installation

Joining in

Been a customer of virgin media for many years and sadly to say every-time I have had to contact them it has been the case of long winded conversations, lame fake apologies and going around in circles as if they don’t want to help but are only listening to the customer as though they’re on auto pilot and not actively present. One of the main issues out many issues I’ve faced is the internet connectivity, I cannot fathom the amount of times I’ve had to call in and not get the correct support or help needed but the advisor is always quick to suggest either it’s this or that excuse or that I pay more for a services (“to improve the services/ connection”) no why should I pay more??! Eg: I was advised to get a technician out for a cost (complaint about internet connection), then I was told to move the hub  (move the hub ti where exactly and what cables????….I am not a technician nor is it my job todo this as it was not installed correctly in the first place per guidelines) also the enquiries are not resolved in a timely manner nor in a correct manner, so they expect customers to keep calling and complaining (where does that get the company and the customer!)

I’m being told I have to pay for services that are not even at my own fault when the technicians should install equipment, when on working jobs to fix cables or loss of services impacting me, or when the internet is down due to them working on a technician issue, why can it be fixed correctly to resolve long term problems, I’ve had phone line issues as well and the list goes on. What is going on with the services at VM and customer support??? It’s caused a lot of negative impact and unnecessary grief on myself with having to deal with this! 

Anyone share any thoughts on the level of service provided by VM and what issues they’ve face and how it was resolved?? 


Alessandro Volta

That's quite a lot of issues (even for VM standards!).

The people you speak to on the phone are not technicians. They are call handlers with a decision-tree type of support script in front of them. If your issue fits with something on the script they might be able to help you. If not, there is plenty of past evidence on here that they will drop the call, say someone will phone you back (rarely ever happens) or just make something up to get you off the phone (which is often comical to read on here).

A further point to note would be that VM agents will always try to upsell you something when you call. There are regular topics on here where a customer has an issue with the quality/reliability of their connection and the agent manages to convince the customer that paying for a speed upgrade will solve the problem. Needless to say it won't in such cases.

One simple thing you can do (to start tracking your VM connection and identify possible connectivity issues) is to set up a BQM report

which will track your connection 24/7. Some contributors on here can analyse these and might be able to give you suggestions about any issues. Similarly, you could also post up the signal levels from the hub and network logs. Again, some on here may be able to help analyse those. See info from VIP @Tudor on how do that if you want to

Issues on your VM landline might best be posted on the 'Home Phone' forum. If your landline comes in via the VM hub (and you have a problem with the hub or your hub's connection) your landline might be affected too.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Red_Velvet,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your broadband speed. 

To confirm, are you still having issues with this? If so, please do let us know so we can investigate further. 


Dialled in

Sadly trying to upsell is not uncommon.

I was on M250 or whatever it’s called - the Twitter team tried to make the account holder upgrade to Gig1, saying the Hub5 would improve things (was talking to them due to having a poor connection - had PostRS issues and power level issues etc) - fortunately I saw right through this. A similar thing happened on the first phone call to report the fault (agent tried to make us upgrade, so suspect it’s a policy thing)

We had 4 tech visits before leaving - on the fourth tech visit, which was supposed to be a cable pull, the tech said there were no issues with the cable (clearly there was an issue somewhere)  and (somewhat unexpectedly) replaced the Hub3 with a Hub5 (which, as I expected, improved absolutely nothing!)

I do not work for VM, just trying to help!