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Hub 3 constant dropouts…… and truly awful customer service!!

Joining in

I have been with Virgin for less than a month but it has already felt like a lifetime.

The hub 3 drops out multiple devices on a frequent basis, and working from home has had to be via mobile hotspot for me predominantly together with my wife shouting as her TEAMS call drops for the 3rd time that day!

Phone calls to the ‘customer services’ team are very much a challenge and have got me absolutely nowhere.

I now have 2 of their Pods, but plugging the first one in was one of the worst mistakes I have made as that was when everything went haywire. I want from a generally stable connection in most of the house, with the odd dead spot, to awful connection throughout the house with everything dropping out repeatedly.

Going back to just the router made no difference, and actually made it worse than it was originally before I plugged the Pod in. Having the 2nd Pod has improved coverage slightly but not the dropouts.

Several calls / emails / complaints keep coming back with “there is nothing wrong at our end - have a good day” type responses, and the experience has been the worst ever customer service by a company that I can remember.

I have 2 requests, 1 for Virgin and 1 for the good people of this community….

1. If there is anybody at Virgin who actually gives a stuff, could they respond to my emails, and send me a new hub or at least an engineer to look at it? If not, can I just cancel it?

2. Assuming the Hub 3 is as awful for WiFi as it sounds from the various comments online, and that even a new hub may not make a difference, then I am looking at buying kit to improve the WiFi around the house. We have 3 teenagers & LOTS of devices connected, and thought that I would look at a gaming router, but the more I read I think that a Mesh WiFi would be a better solution as a new router itself still might not reach all around the house.

Could any of the techie (customers) on here recommend something suitable for a busy household over a largish area with 2 of us working from home? General consensus of what I have read on these forums seems to be the TP system but on some of the tech websites there are others recommended, so the choice is a little bit bewildering to someone not massively techie.

Any pointers would be very gratefully received.



Joining in

A friend of mine has his hub 3 in “modem mode” as he had the same issues and links it with an ASUS mesh WiFi setup, using this I know in the summer he’s worked from home halfway down his 100ft rear garden so the WiFi coverage is great, he has told me if I go down the same route though to ensure the mesh system is “WiFi-6” spec. 


MS Teams yet again - the complaints are never ending.

Make sure "Child Safe" is turned OFF in your VM online account.   

If you must use Hub 3 Wi-Fi disable the Auto Channel selection on both 2.4 & 5GHz
this prevents random dropouts ( lasting several seconds ) during channel changes.