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unable to view bills

On our wavelength

I am unable to view my bills - 1) on Microsoft Edge am sent to a "400 bad request" page.  2) on Chrome, each time I click on "view my bill" I am sent to an option of Broadband TV and landline but when I click on that, I'm taken back to the previous page.  Really frustrated! 



Hi @thompa, no problem at all.

When you click on "Billing", does it take you to a page that states "Your current bill" at the top?

Also, have you been experiencing the same issue across several different devices?


Hi Daniel,

I do not see any other pages other than the ones I described... Just goes in a loop- no sign of a 'Your current bill' heading!

Yes - I have the same issue no matter which device I try... have tried four different devices..

Thank you for that information thompa. Do you know if you have been using the same web browser on each device or if some have been different?


Yep same problem, so many people having this issue yet you all seem to be oblivious about it....strange

Hi there @MarkGam 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

Sorry to see that you're also having issues with viewing your bills. I've checked our system and can see that you've discussed this with the team. We're they able to help with this, if not, please let us know. We're always happy to assist.



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Nope you stopped sending my bills via email 16 months ago for some reason, got that bit sorted yesterday, now I can't view the bill via any browser or on your app.
There are so many people in the same position, going back months or even years, why isn't this problem sorted yet?

Thanks for confirming, sorry that all the issues haven't been fully resolved.

Just to confirm, does deleting the app then redownloading help with the issue at all? Also, can you please try clearing browser cookies and cache and trying different browsers to see if you see the same?



The do's and don'ts. Keep the community welcoming for all. Follow the house rules

Hi Nathan, thanks for the reply, but to be honest as a big tech firm like VM getting me to uninstall and install an app, clearing browser history etc for something that is planely not at fault my end but something VM is doing wrong your end isn't good enough (btw cleared browser history, still not working).  I don't have this issue with the MANY other companies I deal with.
Still doesn't answer even why you stopped sending my invoices through, and why you've just increased my bill by an astonding 53%!!
I have been with your company since the Telewest days, probably 30 odd years, I'm now leaving. You're over double the price of City Fibre.


We're sorry to hear you're now cancelling with us MarkGam, this is the last thing we would have wanted; however we fully understand your reasons why.

We appreciate you trying the diagnostics. Were you able to try and alternative web browser MarkGam?

 You stated that you have not received an email bill for the last 16 months, did you change your email address in this time or contact the team to see why you had not received your bills? 

We can raise this issue without IT team as your still unable to view your bills. Would this be something you would like us to do?

Kind regards Jodi.



Tried various browsers, nope did not change email address it was the old blueyonder email address I had from the start, always used outlook, but then you mucked that up for some reason, tried a few times to get it sorted with you but it was obvious you wanted people off blueyonder so I gave up.
Only way to access this email was via webmail, which is a pain, so never really checked invoices until yesterday just paid my bill via DD.
Last bill you sent me was on the 23/04/ reason why you stopped, no change in email. I can't even view any past bills. Such a shame as I was a loyal customer, but no such thing as loyalty in business I suppose.