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unable to view bills

On our wavelength

I am unable to view my bills - 1) on Microsoft Edge am sent to a "400 bad request" page.  2) on Chrome, each time I click on "view my bill" I am sent to an option of Broadband TV and landline but when I click on that, I'm taken back to the previous page.  Really frustrated! 



app works perfectly well

Thanks for coming back to us notmyrealname, are you able to share a screenshot of the message that you're getting?

Kind Regards,



no mention of March bill anywhere

Is there any way of coming off this thread, ? I was the first to post but now I'm getting lots of emails regarding "notmyrealname"s  comments regarding his own problem

Hey @BlueMyrtle,

Thanks for coming back to us.

You are able to change your notification settings by going to your profile in the top right and clicking to edit profile, from this you click notifications, then you click settings. This will allow you to review your current settings and make changes as you wish.

Cheers. Joe

still no March bill visible






Hi @notmyrealname 

Thanks for coming back to us. 

Is this March of this year or last please? If the last year, 2022, this would be correct as bills only go back 12 months so the last bill you can view would be April 2022. 

Keep us posted

Forum Team

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obviously this year, no matter what year, March is missing

Thank you for confirming @notmyrealname 


Have you received any emails to say that the bill has been produced? Just to confirm, did you say that you can view it OK in My Virgin Media app? 


Thank you

Tuning in

I have exactly the same issue and the answer given to you below by Virgin is worse than useless. Talked to 3 reps who all say they are working on it. 3 months been like this and still no change