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MyVM online account registration (multiple issues)

Hi, We have recently made some changes in the background for MyVM online account and unfortunately this is causing problems for some customers who are trying to register a new account with us. Due to the increased number of issues and different error...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Resolved! Are Virgin trying to lose customers? New contract "offer" through the roof. Where next?

My contract is coming to an end in a couple of weeks. I currently pay £111. This was reduced from £146 due to 2 "special discounts" which are apparently now ending.They've just written to me saying my new bill is now the full £146 (plus in due course...

gcfalco by On our wavelength
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Network Diversions

I'm currently working on a construction project that requires network diversions. How do i go about this? the phone lines send me through to sales. Any help would be much appreciated.

Returning kit

I received my returning kit packaging with 2 paper bags and a box enough for my hub and one tv box. However, I have 2 tv boxes to return.  Should I try and squeeze the two boxes into one paper bag, or do I need to request additional returns packaging...

Mandy296 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Early Termination charge out of contract

I have received a final bill today with an Early Termination Charge of £59.68. As my contract expired on 13 January I contacted web chat on 20 January to inform them that I wanted to leave. I was told that I needed to give 30 days notice which I disa...

Volt package

After a lot of mucking around with my package I was offered a 500 GB package as I am a O2 user I was told I would get 1000gb by the person offering my deal, when I spoke to the engineer who installed my new modem he agreed as I mentioned it to him wh...

Adeewest by On our wavelength
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Cancellation letter to Sunderland

I sent a letter to Virgin in Sunderland last Friday p cancel my broadband and telephone package and not heard anything back. I was due to be new to Virgin but following the poor customer service I recieved last week with the call centre in Mauritius ...

Impossible to accept contract offer

Hi - I received a new contract offer for broadband account but no option to accept it. Nobody I have spoken to over the phone has agreed to put it through. The final person I spoke to last week asked me to email it to his supervisor who would “honour...