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Dont you just love 'em.. NOT!!!

At 14:06 yesterday I contacted Virgin via WhatsApp as I wanted to make a formal complaint:After several 'agents' said they couldnt help me with this 'simple' task I got the following at 21:00But true to their word I got the followwing at 08:03:They t...

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archercj by Fibre optic
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Resolved! Double charged - Business & Residential

I have been charged for both residential (£60/month) and business (£32/month) for two years after Virgin persuaded me to move to a business account.  After I informed them last week,  I have heard nothing!  has anyone else experienced this? 

jebu2303 by Joining in
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Moving house- rented property installation

I have just entered a new rented property and signed for 18months contract. My house already has VM installed so installation isn’t an issue. However in 6months I’ll be moving to a new property. VM said that if my new property cannot be supplied then...

Milo204 by Just joined
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My house tenancy is ending on 4th August and I have to cancel the contract. I tried contacting online chat, waited an hour and someone finally replied but says they'll have to pass me to the moving department and waited 2 more hours and the bot says ...

AY5 by Joining in
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Phone call saying from virginmedia:

Hi, I had a call from virgin media today to discuss a recent change on my account (which there is), can someone confirm if the following number belongs to virgin media: [REMOVED] or if it is a scam call. As online is showing mixed things. Thanks [MOD...

Resolved! Cancel due to price increase

I understand that we’ll all soon receive letters/emails to confirm price increases. Is it the case that if we’re not happy with the increase we can end our contract with no penalty?  (Keen to move back to Talk Talk at the earliest opportunity for bet...

Resolved! Volt questions

I’m thinking of going for the volt package but unfortunately I can’t speak to anyone that understands questions are that I already have Netflix so will I have to cancel my current Netflix so that I can Netflix for free with volt.also we already...

brettbrtsk by On our wavelength
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Retentions Query - Lost phone connection

sooooo where do i start retension level 2 redone my account at the end of march..... took the lady 50 minutes of which i was kept on hold for 48 minutes of this while she entered the new deal on the system..(new deal same deal as before at new price...

rcoates by Joining in
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Trying to cancel contract

I'm trying to cancel my contract but I can't even get in touch with anyone. I've been on the phone this morning for ages waiting. I tried the online chat box. Now I've been waiting on whatsapp for 2 hours. Is there a better way to do this?