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Upgrade Order not Processed

Hi,I placed an upgrade order on the app as my 18 month terms was coming to an end.  I got the pre contract docs, and then once order was placed received an order confirmation with an order number etc and an estimated 'install' date of today. Upgrade ...

Hammondo by Joining in
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Messages requesting to return equipment

Hi,I hope this gets to a VM member of staff, I have terminated my account and promptly returned my Hub4 in the prepaid packaging... but more than two weeks later, I keep getting messages demanding to return the hub... latest one is threatening to cha...

kpanchev by Up to speed
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Moving House process

Hi,Yesterday I let Virgin know that I was going to be moving house next week. I did this via the chat bot first and was eventually passed through to an agent. They had a good understanding of the process but it would be very helpful if VM could cut o...

ibiker by Joining in
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Unable to turn off paper billing

I’m being charged £1.50 a month for paper bills which I do not want.Ive tried calling Virgin media to turn this off and am told it’s not something that can be done by the agent, and that I have to do it.however the my Virgin media portal does not mat...

Jr10 by Tuning in
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Unable to contact Virgin re contract status

My contract ended recently and I was bombarded with confusing options via email.  I wanted, and hopefully got, a continuation on a 30 day rolling basis with no changes to services.  I have since received an email with a copy of my contract saying I a...

abrahad by On our wavelength
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Claim your Exclusive Offer - Email

Received 2 emails from VM telling me my contract's up soon (4 months) and I should login to view my exclusive offers and deals and lock in the best value available to me.What I want to do is downgrade my TV and phone (which I haven't used in over 10 ...

How long should equipment return take?

I recently cancelled my VM account and had to return the equipment (two V6s, a Hub 5 and 2 Wi-Fi pods), I dropped it off at the drop off point on the 26th, it is shown as processed at the Yodel National Hub on the 29th April and has not moved since (...

Tavis75 by Super solver
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