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New driveway, cables need lifting

We're having our driveway redone & slightly extended so in preparation we would like the cables that currently run under the border lifted out of the way of the workmen's digger! Is this a service VM provide & if so how soon can it usually be done? T...

Cath1975 by Tuning in
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Referral reward not paid

I referred someone back in June and was eligible for a £60 cash reward.The original email from the rewards partner said the estimated confirmation time would be up to 9 weeks.13 weeks later and still no reward - it’s just sat pending in my rewards ac...

Terrible at sorting issues

I have been on the phone today trying to get through to someone for 2.5hours I have been passed through 4 different departments before eventually getting cut off. I am very disappointed at the lack of customer service. I am a new customer, joined at ...

Being overcharged

had a package with VM for £26.99 a month. This price was supposed to last until 1/8/23 as outlined in a message from yourselves 'Yes, this will be till end of contract till 1/8/23. Hope now this is clear and is there anything I need to assist you?" I...

KELEBASE by Tuning in
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Resolved! Existing customer deal

Just signed up for an existing customer deal. How does it work does my current contract and and this start? Sorry never done online before always called but thought id do online this time

Amybutts by Tuning in
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Resolved! Can't cancel!

I'm trying to cancel my account - 20 plus minutes on hold and counting. Ofcom are investigating Virgin for putting up barriers to customers cancelling contracts.Have people been able to get through to cancel? Or should I just write them a letter?

Annastev by Just joined
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Trying renew contract

so far i have been on the phone for 2 and a half hours, spoken to 4 different agents and not one of them have been able to help… note the last one left me on hold for 20mins before cutting me off!!!i have had a email offer come through that i accepte...

CO1 by Joining in
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My package has changed without me knowing

In July my package was talk weekends, full house tv xl, tv v6 box, m350 broadband and line rental. In August the price went up and my package is now talk weekends, tv v6 box, maxit tv, m350 fibre broadband, telephone line rental and kids pack.I don’t...

Lulu06 by Joining in
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Urgent! Credit File Missed Payments!

Hi there, We are currently in the process of trying to remortgage and I have noticed there has been “2 Missed Payments” added to my credit file. These have been added incorrectly and I needed these to be removed as a matter of urgency. I have spoken ...