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Sick of VM incompetence

So,For several months VM failed to collect payment from me for services. However, services were not suspended during this time. Eventually, services were suspended and I agreed to a payment plan, I have paid every single month without fail since, £11...

(Light) Ultimate Volt Bundle

Hi,Just renegotiated my contract with VM and I'm now on the "(Light) Ultimate Volt bundle".Can anyone explain the difference between this and the "Ultimate Volt bundle"? I can't find any info anywhere apart from somebody here asking the same question...

MarkJH by On our wavelength
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Upgrade Package Offer - Order still processing

Hi,My contract expires in September and 5 days ago I noticed there was an upgrade package offer in my basket when I logged into my account.  I checked out the basket and received pre-contract documents which matched the offer in the basket.  I then p...

Si999 by Joining in
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Tv package changed without telling me

Hello, I am really hoping someone can hep meI've recently joined, and I am just having problem after problemToday, it seems my tv package has changed with me asking for this. I had Maxit TV sky sports, sky sports hd,  tnt sports, and recently added a...

m0han by Tuning in
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Resolved! Potential Cancellation Fees

Hello, Three days ago I renewed my contract with VM for 18 months. I am happy with the contract. The problem is my wife and I are trying to sell our house and move to Norfolk. I have just found that the area we wish to move to does not seem to be cov...

JamesB1 by On our wavelength
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Worst customer service ever!

Can anyone advise me how to stop VM from billing me for services I no longer receive? If you can't remember your memorable word, you cannot get speaking to a human. I cancelled with them on June 30 and have had no service from them since July 4 but a...

fiford by Joining in
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Re: red light on virgin media hub

Hi, I have the same issue with my hub. It shows a constant red light instead of the usual white light. I tried to reconnect it and restart it several times and I left it turned off the whole night, but as soon as I connect it it shows the red light a...

Baxter3 by Joining in
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Changing Bundle

Trying to reduce Step-mums monthly bill (£79) and phoned to be put on the Big Bundle at £33. I've contacted VM by phone who suggest her correct bill should be £85. She has the minimum TV package on her old TiVo box, basic broadband but has chatter an...

VM account - unable to log in

I recently signed up to Virgin Broadband and I'm trying to log into my account on the MyVirgin app and on Chrome but I can't.When I try my password isn't recognised, when I try to change my password my email then isn't recognised. Then when I go to f...