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Missing payment

VM saying haven't paid been on phone e all morning sent screen shots of bank Statement  said would phone back 1.30 no phone call please sort this out or will go to ombudsman 

Returning old hub

You keep texting me to say I have not returned my old hub.  I have told you that I have sent it back via Yodel and the address of the Yodel hub that I sent it from and the date. I originally couldn't find the receipt, but have now finally found it. I...

AMY2207 by On our wavelength
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Direct Debit Underpayment

My usual monthly charge is £36 taken by direct debit.  For some strange reason only £22 has been debited this month, £14 too little.  Interestingly I get a £14 discount on my package every month so it appears possible that the discount has been appli...

HughA by Tuning in
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I can't login into my My Virgin Media or reset its password - getting code DEF01.I have cleared cookies ( in the browser and using CCleaner) , tried two different browsers and even another PC - still same problem  

Incorrect direct debit

My monthly bill is £38 and it's paid by Direct Debit.Yet, this morning I got a message from my bank saying that the payment that will be taken tomorrow is £22 instead of £38!My virgin media tells me that the bill has been part paid and I need to pay ...

Blakey47 by On our wavelength
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Late payment charge

Hello, our 18 month contract is due to finish early November and we have been sent our final bill. However Virgin haver added a late payment charge of £7-50 from our previous bill? We pay by direct debit and have done so since day 1, so how can this ...

Price increase letters due soon?

I understand that the new price increase letters should be coming out and the deadline to cancel If I have to is the end of October 23.     I have not had a letter or email as yet.  Checked spam box etc.  Is everyone getting a price rice?  I just hav...

Gary2701 by On our wavelength
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I recently complained about my contract being over charged. I created a new contract on the 21st July 2023 but I am still paying my old higher price. Virgin Media complaints say they have no record of the new contract but I have email receipts

jennox123 by On our wavelength
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Welcome email

Hi. I got the pre order docs with provisional installation date: Wednesday 11th October, but no confirmation and welcome email. So the installation will be today?Thanks