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£25 charge

I've been charged £25 for installation? Today I renewed my contract as it was coming to an end and I was reading all the emails ect and it said installation charge. I was told I wouldn't be charged to renew. Last week however virgin were making repai...

My account

Hi I spoke with advisor and made a promise to pay as my pay date is after due date so anyway done all this and my services have today been suspended I’ve been on  chat all day and no response at all I have an autistic daughter who is having melt down...

Change account details

Could someone help me to change my phone number on my account I keep getting a error message preventing me changing the details. This seems a problem affecting many Virgin customers.Thanks in advance for any help.

Grez77 by On our wavelength
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Lost my BT/TNT sports channels.

Hi, I have had exactly the same problem. Signed an 18 month contract and told only the name changed but all the channels will remain. However, I've lost TNT Sports...  Not happy, but still in the cooling down period.   Please can you help, as I'm not...

Sacrid by Joining in
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Resolved! Upgrade Not Actioned

Hello,My contract is due to expire in December so virgin sent me an offer email where I could renew my package at a discounted price. I clicked it 8 days ago and as there was a good offer I also chose to upgrade the speed. This was due to be actioned...

mt1980 by Tuning in
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You messed up my credit score by almost 200 points, I’m in the middle of buying a house. I didn’t get any outstanding bill information to pay, apparently it’s been due - £10. I got told on Virgin Media online help chat that ALL MY BILLS ARE CLEAR and...

mary1991 by Joining in
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Contract renewal not actioned (cont)

I was contacted by Virgin (by email) in July to say my contract was coming to an end and that I was being offered a limited time offer (ending 13th August) to continue with my same package for about £10 more a month for 18 months.  I followed the lin...

Chapwick by Joining in
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