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How can they not reduce my bill?

Seriously? Theyre happy to tack on extra things to make the price around the same but when it comes to removing they cant. Why can't I go from Broadband and tv (with several addons) to just Broadband? How do I tell these people that I still want to s...

azaria23 by Joining in
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Pre contract agreement email

Hi,just wondering if anyone can help ,my contract is coming to an end in a couple of days so I was thinking of cancelling due to the huge price increase that would take place if I didn't cancel or renew,anyway on the My virgin media app I had a Renaw...

THANK YOU to Michal tech 53306

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the Virgin technician who visited my home in area 30 at 8am on Thursday 9th  Nov 2023. His name is Michal and his technician number is 53306. He called to carry out some repairs and tests. He was extremely helpful an...

Lisa99 by Just joined
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I recently left virgin due to the increase in price at the end of my contract, and the fact it took me countless attempts and hours on the phone to speak to someone about my renewal. I then had an email on 23rd october advising I still owed £22 and t...

Brad12 by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone disconnected by Virgin

Entered into a 30 day notice period on 30/10/23,immediately the phone was disconnected.Reported the issue to Virgin after spending hours on mobile and spending all my credit.Engineer turned up today 7/11/23,spent ten minutes attempting to fix but was...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Virgin media account

I have recently moved home and a new virgin media account was made for my new address (no one told me about this) all my wifi settings have reset and when I go to log into my online account to, change settings, view bills or look at potential upgrade...

LiamJ64 by Joining in
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Accessing bills more than 12m old?

Hello everyoneDoes anyone know how to access bills older than 12months.  Have tried my online  account  - but 12m is the oldest bill I can accsss. Just needs to be my regular bill for what I need? It seems a common query but only resolved throough an...