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Resolved! New Recent Contract Update - Billing

Hi, so in early Feb I got a email (pics attached) about a contract/deal that i could sign up to before my contract ran out. As you can see it says - same deal same price. Wicked - signed up. Then as unfortunately, we know what VM can sometimes be lik...


Multiple issues

My VM fibre went live 6 Feb.  I have been billed for two months usage due 14 March 2024?I went through money supermarket to sign up and as an incentive £85 reward was to be applied to my account.  The Web chat said otherwise yesterday and that I will...

Dolly68 by Joining in
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Transcript of a live chat

Hello,Please help me to find a transcript of live chat. I talked to a team member of Virgin media and we agreed on a new contract. And she sent me the pre documents which I agreed on the amount that I would pay every month. And she assured me that I ...

Resetting password does not work

Hello,I tried to access my account recently and system does not recognise already used, stored password. No matter what new password I try to use, all within the guidelines, it always does say it is invalid. I have been with Virgin for more than a de...

MariuszL by Joining in
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Account number

Hello.I haven't received my account number or a email from the delivery company about delivery time. My order is supposed to be due today.  Could someone help me please? 

CRS chasing me for alleged debt

Hi sorry to jump on this post.  I am also being chased by this company for a debt I am unaware of, of £36. Nothing on my credit file to suggest I owe anything, or in arrears.  I also attempted to pay this company via Google pay (which is an option) i...

DanC2 by Tuning in
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Contract Renewal

I was sent a renewal post telling me that my contract for just broadband only was coming to end in February 2024 and that my new renewal was going to be double my original cost of my current package to a cost of £57.00i checked online and a package o...

Final bill

I gave my 30 days notice and my services are set to go off 10 August. Can you explain why I have been told that I need to pay a full months bill of £86 on the 13th Aug (usual DD date) for billing period of (8th August-7th September). You expect me to...

MIKE24WF by Tuning in
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