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More Symmetric Speed add-on woes

Adding symmetric upload to my Gig1 package would be very handy for me so despite the difficulties previously posted about here I though I'd give it a try. (I am on XGS-PON with Hub 5x). As you have probably already guessed I have got precisely nowher...

Contract not gone through :S

My mother accepted a contract for 250mb for £43 however this has not gone through and we have a bill for £66.73 which is stupidly high. We went back to live chat and spoke to someone at virgin media who told us everything was okay and we've have to w...

Eza by On our wavelength
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contract renewal not processed

Hi, my 18 month contract (M125) expired at the end of last year and I'm now on a rolling contract. A bit more than a month ago, I accepted the renewal deal (10GBP discount) offered through the online portal and received an order number and several co...

New contract offer not gone through

I logged on my account online last month and saw a renewal offer that i thought was too good to be true. I accepted and got 2 emails which included a pre contract and a conformation with the order reference. However the new package and price hasn't b...

mikeg2k by Joining in
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New contract : Complaint

Our contract was ending and disconnected on 26th July, we were offered a n package via web sales and agreed on the 25th July.We still got disconnected and have explained to chat via WhatsApp. They got us reconnected on 31 July , but said new package ...

Shazz70 by Joining in
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Trying to cancel

Does anyone have experience cancelling a contract without knowing the account number?The account is not connected to my email address, however, the payment method is my personal bank account.I no longer have contact with the account creator.I would p...