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Cooling off period

Dear Forum team,I recently completed my 18 month contract and then signed up for a new contract. However, within the 14 day cooling off period, I had changed my mind and asked Virgin to put me on a monthly rolling contract. The customer agent I spoke...

drkarim by Tuning in
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Leaving Virgin Potential Issues

Hii wonder if anyone from the forums would be able to help me via DM about forseeing potential issues about my upcoming disconnection  I wrote (signed for) about cancelling my contract and the MY Virgin media app shows my disconnection date as 5th Ap...

Unsubscribe to Add ons

Good Afternoon, I would like to unsubscribe from and Add on (kids pack) but I can't find the option to do this on the App. Any assistance will be highly appreciated. I don't remember activating it but it's been charged for two months now.

reboi by Tuning in
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Cancel in writing

So, I have reached the end of my contract and wrote to VM at the Reading address to cancel, however, I am still being charged! I can’t ever contact anyone in the App and when I try other methods of contact, certain screens will flag up saying that VM...

What is the point of renewal emails?

So I had a mail from VM today to say contact coming to an end so click here for an exclusive renewal discount,  only for the 3 red links on the mail all going to the same page oops sorry can't find anything What a pointless annoying email to send me ...

Mambo69 by Tuning in
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