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Landline disconnect

My landline keeps cutting off mid call and has done this for about a week , today alone it’s cut off 6 times  over the span of the morning  this is very annoying as I have been on the phone to the hospital and doctors and I can’t hold a conversation ...

Resolved! No Landline Since Cancellation

Hi support,Yesterday, I cancelled my Virgin Media contract with a confirmed service termination date of 16 Dec. However, when I returned home that evening the landline was completely dead. No dial tone, nothing... The internet is still working fine. ...

godrob by Tuning in
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Resolved! Virgin Media Fibre Phone adaptor

HiI have received my fibre phone adaptor and it was broken. A couple of questions; How do I order another one? It is about 1m short, do you provide longer cables? and finally, if neither of the first two options are available, how do I request a VM e...

gsh9320 by Joining in
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Calling a virgin landline - Ringtone had changed

Hi I would like to add my frustration to this forum, as I am about to give up on contacting the Virgin 2nd line phone support, and move everything away from Virgin after being with them for 30 years.  They have done numerous checks and say my phone l...

External Bell

We are due to be converted to a fibre connection for our landline phone.  Help please!I have two issues:We will need to move the base unit for our cordless DECT phone system so as to be much closer to the hub than it is now so as to make the required...

Landline - can only make calls intermittently

Though i rarely use the landline, recently i have found that more often then not, I am unable to make calls from my landline. When i dial, i get a single tone where it seems the call connects, then i just hear echo of my voice or background noise. so...

adnank503 by On our wavelength
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Landline only

How is the landline switchover achieved without a router, IE with no broadband installed?

Change of landline number

My mother-In-Law is a Virgin customer and has been for many years. She is in her 80's and has early stage dementia. She is getting scam calls daily, sometimes more than 1 a day, saying she owes money. Only 5 or 6 people need to call her. Can I change...

yidders by Joining in
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Cannot receive incoming calls

Appears to be a common longstanding problem and so I was hoping for s swift resolution. Some hope.On my house phone I can make calls but cannot receive them. Caller is informed the number is invalid. After several attempts to navigate the particular ...

Grahammc by Tuning in
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Home phone - engaged tone

Our home phone has never worked since VOIP was introduced.When I plug the phone into the Hub, I get a ring tone - solid startIf calling into the landline, the phone rings. However, when answered it gives an engaged tone and effectively hangs upIf cal...

hw9999 by Joining in
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