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Dead LandLine

My landline phones are not working, no dial tone, unable to make or receive incoming calls. Unable to currently check service status for my local area. This problem was first noticed yesterday evening and remains the same today. 

AndyS5 by Joining in
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Phone - landline is dead

My landline is dead, have tried taking the plug out of the hallway socket but still dead.  Have rebooted but still nothing, tried calling VM on my mobile but because of the wait it has now run me out of credit,  I have not received anything regarding...

Hg11 by Joining in
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Landline Fault

I have had a fault on my landline (broken dial tone) for a couple of days now, and just can't get through to a human being to arrange for an engineer to fix it! I have been through many cycles of the so called 'Help' service 0345 4541111 followed all...

Ropa by Joining in
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Phone line down

Hi,Seems this is the only way I can report a phone line problem. I have used the online test and as in the past when I have had a similar problems it returns no faults. I cannot book an engineer appointment on line despite the website telling me this...

tacnis by Joining in
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Resolved! A tale of woe

Where to start with this tale of woe.I have registered a complaint but to date I have yet to receive a call from anyone at Virginmedia. it started before Xmas when my parents tried to call me and couldn’t get through and I noticed there was a line er...

Resolved! fibre network being charged for change over

Just got latest bill and there was charge for moving to new fibre home phone system after speaking to someone at Virgin was told it was a pro rata charge for  a change over that I didnt ask for , a nice wee earner for Virgin . Email telling you of ch...

pbbroon by On our wavelength
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Morning, I have not received my adaptor can somebody contact me to send one out please. Thanks.

No landline for 7 weeks!

Back in March I decided to upgrade to gig 1. On the 30th the engineer called to install the new hub 5. He disconnected my landline then said the signal was too weak to support Gig 1. Two weeks later another engineer called and installed the new hub 5...

athomas2 by Joining in
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Home phone

Cannot receive incoming calls can call out turned hub off for 15mins turned on but still not working. Checked for fault in our area but showing no issues 

Db13 by Joining in
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No dial tone

Hi. We’ve got no dial tone in landline. Checked with different equipment as is the same. Service status says no issues in area. please advise.