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Landline Switch Over.

Hi,As the landline home phone service was switched to the fibre network on the 13th November 2023. Due to problems that I won't go into here. I have been unable to contact Virgin Media to arrange for the now needed Quick Start self-install kit to be ...

tremar by Joining in
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SuperHub 5 - Withheld Number Allows

Evening All,For years I have had a home phone that rejects withheld numbers, instead of paying Virgin £2 something a month to block for me, this has worked for years, even on the hub 4 with the landline direct to VOIP via the hub, since receiving my ...

Resolved! Phone switch over

Is this ok to plug the phone into the hub days after the scheduled date of switch over that specified in my mail?

PeterAu by Joining in
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Caller not getting ring sounds

Ringing from VM landline to talktalk Voip phone pstn phone with adapter, the caller cannot hear ringback tones even though the recipient phone rings. Coincidentally the caller's voice has an echo and is at high volume. I cannot find information on lo...

Caller id not working

Hi, since my landline has been changed to the fibre network my caller id has stopped working correctly and my family have informed that they sometimes get the international dial tone when calling me. It appears that when they get the U.K. dial tone m...

Digital Voice Switchover

I’ve received the notification about switching over my landline to a digital service via the Hub next year.As I will not need the physical landline connection after the switch will my line rental charge finish and be removed from my bill?Thank you.

Poor_Dog by On our wavelength
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Resolved! No landline

Tried to call the landline a few days ago and was constantly engaged. T h never use it but it's there as a back up. Checked when got home and loads of static.Checked sockets etc and can't get any dialing tone. It's either a tone for 10 seconds, a dis...

Resolved! Why can't I get virgin media both neighbours have it?

Both neighbours have virgin media installed. But I've been told that I can't receive any services. I've contacted virgin 4 times, they were supposed to call me back. But never do. Every house on the road is listed when you check to see if you can get...

Thora by Joining in
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Shocking Service

Hi all,I am 87 years old and my son is writing this for me. I have been a customer for over 18 years with Virgin Media. I recently decided to go to another provider, my new contract with the new provider was due to start on the 13/11/2023. I requeste...

MrRobot by Tuning in
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landline dead

Landline dead since yesterday... based in Houghton Regis ... we rely on the landline as we are two vulnerable people! 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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