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Virgin Media Contract

I have been having problems communicating with the Customer Retentions Team. Different agents giving me different information. They agree a contract , but then when you look at the online account it's shocking to see they haven't done what they have ...

Landline won't receive incoming calls

HiMy landline rings once before cutting out on incoming calls. It works for outgoing calls although the line quality is poor. I have tried the self-checks through the website which doesn't identify any issues. I've bought and returned 2 phones now th...

JeffT1 by Joining in
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Porting landline from BT

Please can a mod help me with the below request as after 3 hours and 4 calls to some place far away i have got nowhere.I ordered Virgin Phone, BB and TV on 22nd December and it is being installed this Friday, 13th.I requested, during the initial appl...

stevieH1 by On our wavelength
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Problem with my parent's landline (Needs engineer)

How do I book an engineer to look at my parent's landline? It's very scratchy and can be hard to hear people on it.They have it connected to the main phone socket via an extension lead as the phone's cord is too short.AFAIK their TV and broadband are...

Phone adapter

I have been sent several emails and 2 letters telling me about the change over to the phone service but have not recieved the adapter, the latest letter says " we have been trying to contact you but can't get through". The change over date is 11 Apri...

Leof by Joining in
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free voicemail

 It tells me I have no messages  and when anyone rings me it does not switch to voicemail - so what haven’t I done?Still having this issue.

Resolved! New VOIP Phone setup

I originally had 2 telephone lines when I was with NTL 1 for landline and one for dial-up internet both of which were downstairs, over the years this has changed. I now have my main landline downstairs in the living room with a cordless extension in ...

Resolved! Upgraded to Hub 5 no telephone 0ver 3 weeks waiting

We operate a business from home so a landline is essential. Any help is welcome.My Hub 3 was upgraded to hub 5 over 3 weeks ago. The broadband works well, but from day one my phone does'nt work. I have wasted hours on the phone - switch off, turn on,...

Book Technician appointment?

I have received an email saying I need to book an appointment for a Free technician to visit re the switch over of my phone to the new fibre network. But when I call 150 I’m not offered this option, why and how do I it. thank you

s13woot by Joining in
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Talk More Anytime v Anytime Chatter

Please can someone tell me what the difference is between these two packages. I am currently on Talk More Anytime and have been moved to Anytime Chatter - not with my agreement.Can someone please tell me what the difference is. Am I better or worse o...

Sillup by Joining in
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