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Lack of Communication regarding switchover

Had an email saying migration to digital home phone was cancelled until further notice 25th jan 2024, original date was 11th march 2024, not had an email since saying it was happening, fast forward to today 30th march and while on the phone it sudden...

nuttyslack by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline Dead

My landline stopped working over a week ago for no apparent reason. It is saying 'please check phone connection'. I am connected through the connection box on the wall that NTL installed. I have checked all cables with no success and your Web checks ...

Resolved! Landline Call Charges

Can anyone tell me where to easily access a list of landline call charges?I have an anytime chatter package and wish to call an 01624 prefix.  The information I've seen suggests that this is included in the package, but I have also read that the Isle...

Resolved! Some phone numbers not recognised

Bit of an odd one here.  I have tried to telephone out on my land line various times to numbers, Local Council, NHS numbers etc, but I get the message to say "this number is not recognised, check and try again"Try again but still no joy, I call on my...

Johnmor by Tuning in
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Porting VM landline number while in contract

I'm in contract with a broadband/TV/phone deal.I want to sign up to another VOIP phone service and port my number over to it, without disturbing the other services.  This is not with the intention of reducing the cost, I just want to change the phone...

jpeg1 by Alessandro Volta
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Resolved! Landline not reciving incoming calls

For the last 2 days we have not been able to receive incoming calls.I called VM TWICE on my mobile and first they said my phone (BT4600) was not compatible.I checked and found that it IS !I have reset the Hub3 numerous times and after ANOTHER call th...

Resolved! Land Line - time jumps an hour

Has anyone experience the time on their phone jumping forward by one hour.  Have manually set the time on the master phone a few times but it insists on adding an hour some time later.  My phone line is connected to my Hub 5.   [MOD EDIT: Subject tit...

NigelJB by Tuning in
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