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Need to schedule engineer for Fibre Phone switchover

Had the text message and email a few weeks ago informing us that the Fibre Phone switchover will be happening for us on Monday 18 March 2024 - replied to the text message with CALLBACK as advised but have not heard anything after a few weeks, would s...

sm3000 by Joining in
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Porting Number from BT

I have recently signed up to Virgin from BT and what a nightmare it's been.I need to port my number and I was told it would be no issue and would be handled by Virgin. It seems now that I was given false information and my number may not port over as...

MAZ15 by Joining in
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BT Phone Book Listing

My preference has always been ex directory.  Taken aback to find my landline listed in the latest BT Phone Book.  I understand the default is for land lines to be ex directory, unless the number holder says otherwise.  Who has given consent on my beh...

alcozza by Tuning in
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Charged for calls I haven't made to an 09110 number

A bit shocked to see my billl go from around £37 a month to this months bill of £101.19.There are 6 calls all to the same 09110 number exactly 2 minutes apart all but one last under 30 seconds.Nobody has called these numbers but upon complaining to c...

cool1987 by On our wavelength
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Virgin Technician Will Not Show Up

I'm stuck in a never-ending loop with Virgin Media and could use some advice on how to get them to fix my internet. Here's the rundown:Technicians have been booked for a cable repull 4 times (all between 8 am and 1 pm). No one ever shows up, I get no...

No 1471 since phone changed to VoIP

Hey could someone look into my account please and turn 1471 service back on? Since changing to VoIP I can no longer check who's phoned. I've seen others with this issue and it turning out that their line switching had meant the service wasn't turned ...

Keiranjf by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Dead landline

I've been told that my home phone will not receive any income calls and hasn't for the past few days, I can make out going calls, I've tried ringing VM no answer, I've tried the WhatsApp helpline but apparently the bot doesn't deal with landlines, ho...