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Cancellations tel number?

Just got put on hold and then the line was cut off.Anyone know of a direct number to cancellations rather than going through the outsourced call centre?

chagade6 by Joining in
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Phone adapter delivery?

Called up to order adapter but not received anything.Message said home phone would cease to work after 5th Jan.Cutting it a bit fine imo.

bramwema by Tuning in
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Phantom landline calls

I have noticed extra charges on my account in recent months for landline calls. Thing is I don’t have a phone connected to my landline and have not for years so calls are not being made by me or anyone in my house. Did not get anywhere with virgin me...

Marcia1 by Joining in
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Is the telephone changeover still going ahead?

We’ve been notified that our telephone connection is changing on 11th January, have replied positively to both text messages but haven’t received any adaptor or contact yet. Is it going ahead?thanks, Keith 

Resolved! Landline, one way or no audio, works every third call or so.

Morning,For the last few days, we have been getting no / one-way audio on two-thirds of our calls.Some inbound calls go to VM voicemail (which we didn't know we had until we started testing), the caller hears the ringing tone for a few rings but the ...

RDF by Superfast
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Old BT line.

Hi. I am currently a VM customer and always have been. When I first bought my current house, I rented it out for a while. These tenants had BT installed. When I moved in, I had VM put in. The old BT cable was still in situe until I recently had some ...

Landline No dial tone

Hi no dial tone on landline and unable to make outgoing calls.Incoming calls received OK, fault checker saying no known issues.Any suggestions please?ThanksAM

ACM1010 by Joining in
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My landline is not working . Not worked for 3 days. There is no dial tone . I have checked service status and it says it is working . How do I report it ?

Flick1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Using extension phones after switch to fibre

A Virgin engineer recently visited us to connect our landline phone to our hub. That was OK. Our main phone is working normally.But our various extension phones no longer work. I phoned Virgin, but I was told that extension phones cannot be used afte...